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Feeling off
I am feeling physically off today, as in not well and strange.  I feel tired, yet not tired, but almost like you might feel right before you get the flu.  I have a bit of an infection going in one of my upper molars, so maybe I feel tired and light headed because of that, or maybe it's because I totally messed with my sleep schedule because for the two nights before last night I went to bed around 5am but last night I went to bed around 12am. I got up around 8:15am today, too.

I have a chemistry test on Monday night.  I have to study three chapters of material.  I am just going to list things because I don't feel well right now.  I am at the library where Lisa is working right now.  I listened to Rage Against the Machine on the way here and despite wanting to listen to them recently, I did not entirely enjoy it.  Mostly did not.  Lisa and I have been watching the Exosquad, on Hulu, which is a cartoon from the 90s with a pretty coherent sci-fi story.  The episodes are actually serial in nature, as opposed to standalone plotlines.  We've been trying to watch "darker fare" lately, because we feel like it adds contrast to an otherwise cheery entertainment lineup (like sitcoms and the daily show) but also because it brings clarity to drama in a way that less serious things can't.  An example, don't laugh at us, is watching episodes of the X-Files.  We are going to watch Apocalypse Now soon, as an other example.  Apocalypse Now was so dark that Martin Sheen had a heart attack while filming it!  I read that somewhere recently.  We recently watched Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, based on a true story about the German Resistance against Hitler.  I would recommend that movie.  I recently re-watched while Lisa watched for the first time Enemy At the Gates.  That movie is NOT as good as I remembered!  It has a lot of storytelling problems and questionable continuity.  But it still has spectacular SCENES.  Especially the fighting scenes.  But as Lisa and I were commenting to ourselves, SCENES need to be justified by STORY.  Enemy At the Gates has story, but it is too faint and not dramatic enough.  I have heard that Sucker Punch is not worth even looking at, rentally, but that Source Code, directed by the director of Moon and also David Bowie's son, is good.  Moon is good.  If you haven't seen Moon, see Moon.

This lady to my left is unhappily doing something with MS Excel.  You can tell by the way she smacks her laptop's trackpad buttons.

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I haven't seen Moon, Source Code, or Valkyrie, but I will! I am also going to see Sucker Punch, even though I am not surprised that it will be a waste of time. Same with the Red Riding Hood movie.

I got Tron out of the movie cube to watch tonight, with Jason if he's up for it or by myself if not. I will save the "darker fare" until the summer, when I'm not reading cases about kids getting caught in machinery, etc.

To answer your earlier question, I rent Amazon movies for like 2.99. It's not really cheap, but it's extremely convenient. So I only do it once in a while.

Jason and I read that the sleep you get before midnight is about twice as valuable as the sleep you get after it. I used to sleep at 8 or 9PM, and I do think I was much better rested, so I am going to try to get to bed earlier. Just a thought.

Also, I wonder if a dental syringe (a syringe with a plastic point for reaching into cracks) would help. You could flush the spot with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water, which is what I do for the spot where food gets caught around my wisdom tooth. It completely stopped me from getting infections.

that dental syringe idea is great!

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