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Too. Much. LOTRO. Spring. Festival.
I have been playing LOTRO, specifically the stomp-a-shrew Spring Festival event for about 4 hours in a row now.

I was grinding for spring leaves to barter for things I wanted to get Lisa.  In fact, when I had enough to get her the Springtime Pony I woke her up around 2:00am to ask her to pick which pony she wanted, since there was a choice.  She was happy... but I was not.  I decided she should have some more unique Springtime quests since LOTRO is definitely her favorite MMO and one of her favorite video games.  I didn't want her to miss out on the Spring festival.  She had to work the last two days of the festival and she didn't realize it was ending on Monday.

Anyways... I completed a cool deed for her and got her a new item which is in her last bag and a consumable item that I don't understand.  It is called D.R.A.G.O.N.

I feel like there should be more to show for the last 4 hours, but I am finally satisfied that with my LOTRO Lisa Spring Festival gifts now.

Good night!

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