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Cleaning our rooms
Today I am cleaning our rooms and talking to Daniel on the phone about Chemistry!

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Yay! Good work on both accounts

Are the leaves back on the trees in Virginia this time of year yet?

not yet, but there are some flowers on flowering trees and you can see the beginnings of leaves waiting for warm weather!

I don't know if I ever told you what Castle is about, but I am watching it right now, so I thought I would tell you quickly. It's about a murder/mystery writer who shadows a detective and helps her solve murders. In the episode I'm watching, he keeps suggesting that the killer used a time machine because the bullet is 200 yrs old. I really like the mood of the show, it's funny and doesn't take itself too seriously and there is a really cute relationship between the writer and his mom and teenage daughter, who both live with him.

Hey! it's Ty...

I am up super late right now and I am super tired, but where could I watch Castle? On Hulu? It sounds like an interesting show, especially the time machine part.

Don't give up on posting on LiveJournal! I haven't! I've just been a little busy the last couple days.

Hey, likewise. About not giving up and being busy. Yeah, you can watch Castle on Hulu. I'm not sure that you can start with season 1, probably not, but it doesn't matter so much. All you should know is that he lives with his retired actress mother and his teenage daughter, and that his books are based on a character called "Nikki Heat" who is based on the detective he works with.

I love goofy shows... the writer just said (different murder now, killed by air injected into her artery) "Looks like someone gave her 20ccs of death..."

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