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To my ears
So I managed to catch up on about two weeks of missed assignments and my mid-term exam in my music appreciation class in 3.5 hours at the library while Lisa was working tonight.  I'm pretty burnt out as a result, but it feels good to be caught up on my assignments.  I got an 87% on my mid-term exam, and I wasn't trying very hard, so I am pretty happy with that.

Lisa got me a book called Raptor Red by a famous paleontologist named Robert T. Bakker.  He was referenced in Jurassic Park the movie.  Lisa read the book when she was younger and she thought I would enjoy it.  I am excited about trying it because the cover looks really cool and I think she said it was from the point of view of a raptor!  It's fiction, in case you didn't guess that yet.

Tonight we want to play LOTRO when we get home, so that should be fun.  There are 3,640 quests for the Barrow Downs in LOTRO and we have only done about 15, so we will probably not be going to bed on time.  I'm exaggerating, of course, but seriously there are a lot of quests for the Barrow Downs!  It wouldn't be so weird except that most other areas have had a lot less quests to do in them.

I love my new moon/earth/space/stars shirt that Lisa got me.  I will post a picture of it soon because it is way cooler than you probably believe it is.

Ok, the library is closing in 20 minutes, so that's enough for now!

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I'm so glad you like the shirt. And I think you will like the book too.

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