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Good morningtown USA
Hey everyone.  So this morning we did yoga and our legs are really tired from running, but doing yoga really helped make that more manageable.  When I used to run in Florida I didn't do yoga or anything like it and it took longer for my legs to feel as good as they do now after I would run, so that's hopeful.

Lisa and I just watched "The Care Bear Movie" from 1985 as it was one of my favorite kids' movies when I was a kid and it was actually pretty good compared to some of the movies and shows we have watched due to nostalgia lately.  I think Lisa enjoyed it.  She wasn't a fan of the Care Bears shows or movies when she was younger but she wanted to see something with the Care Bears today and I picked my favorite Care Bear memory to show her.

Other than the Care Bears, all we did so far was have some breakfast and do yoga.  Lisa goes to work today from 4pm-8pm.  I am going to catch up on my homework for my music class.  I missed the suggested date for the mid-term exam... lol.

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I did like it! We should watch some more.

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