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Working on a mystery
Well we went running again tonight after watching Avatar at Lisa's dad house.  We finished the first season of Avatar and they really liked it!  His wife won't be able to keep watching it with us for a few months, though, because she is leaving to do a renaissance fair (I spelled renaissance right the first time!!!!) where she runs a shop.  So we are probably going to start the second season with just her Dad and his wife will get it on Netflix while she is away.

Running went really well.  Tonight was #2 in our 2 night pattern of 2 nights running, 1 night off in between, then 2 nights running again.  This is the second night we have run together and I think it went even better.  We were both a lot more tired after we ran, but I think we were able to run farther than the first night.  Tomorrow night we have a break, then we run again two nights in a row.  If I haven't made our running schedule absolutely clear at this point, you are not paying attention.  Haha.

Ok, time to get ready for bed.


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