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Help, I Need Somebody
So Lisa and I worked on learning chapter 19 of my chemistry book together last night.  She was really awesome and stuck it out the WHOLE time I was willing to study.  We studied until almost 11pm!  So from about 6:30pm-11pm we learned about electrochemistry.  I thought it was really fun and it really helped me get to work on my Chemistry studying.  I have a hard time getting started because it is so hard to go through the material silently sometimes that I procrastinate until later in the week.  I haven't started studying a chapter by Tuesday for a long time!

In other school related news, my music professor sent me an e-mail before Spring Break explaining that my participation in online discussion forum assignments was good, but she "didn't know how to convince me" or some similar comment that I need to do the rest of the assignments.  This was an e-mail  that was meant for a different student, which I suspected and then found out for sure when I e-mailed her about it.  So here we are, about two weeks later... and I am completely behind on my assignments... including my mid-term exam!!!  hahaha... it's ok, I will be able to catch up... I just thought that was ironic.

Ok, I have a lot more to say but I will post more later.  I have to eat breakfast and go to math class and Lisa is coming with me to the mall while I am in class!

Ok, here is the rest of the entry... I am at the college now and I am waiting for class to start.

So, I just want to say that even though Lisa is working on Chemistry with me, Daniel, I'll still need your help.  You haven't been replaced, you just got an extra student!  As to how much chemistry Lisa wants to learn, she isn't sure yet, but she is learning about electrochemistry with me!

Yesterday evening we started running.  Yes, running.  I used to run when I lived in Florida and Lisa thought it would be good to try doing that together regularly and I agreed.  It was hard, but it will get better.  I had a lot of fun running with Lisa.

Tonight we are headed over to watch some Avatar (earthbending style) and hopefully play Settlers of Catan with Lisa's dad tonight.  Before we do that, though, Lisa and I are going shopping for work clothes for her.  Specifically work pants because the library is REALLY hot, especially now that the weather is warming up.  I am hot sitting there studying so if I had to run around and do work, I would pass out.

More later... class is starting.

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I loved running and doing chemistry with you! its so different to try studying with someone else, which is something I never really experienced as I am 100% anti-social.

Running was also completely different with you there as my coach. I am actually looking forward to doing it again tonight!

I wish I had that Appa pillow to bring over to Dad's for the show - wouldn't that be cool?

Still getting used to it

I was disappointed not to have heard from you guys by e-mail. I totally forgot about livejournal until just now! How can you be at the mall and class at the same time? Also, it's great that you guys are being two-person studying. It helps a lot, especially when you're stuck. Jason and I have been studying Spanish together lately. Junto! Interestingly, in the Japanese shows that I watch, when people say a word that sounds like junto they seem to mean "really." So if I say we are junto studying (or studying junto) it's sort of meaningful in two languages. Uhhh... this is a miserable linguistic joke, I think.

Re: Still getting used to it

The mall is the college! They turned the old movie theater that used to be part of the mall into a campus for New River Community College. My chemistry lectures are in a converted movie theater. They still use the screen and projector! It's junto cool.

Studying chemistry with Lisa is a lot of fun and we have always done well studying together.

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