Hulk versus Aliens - poll shows faith in the incredible

You can make your own conclusions about this. Apparently people (Americans) think the Hulk is a better alien fighter than Batman OR Spider-man (Amazing though his current incarnation may be). I am not sure what this means about the US. Do we think that green against green will yield the best results? Do the respondents understand who/what the Hulk is? I mean, he's just as likely to kill aliens as he is to play baseball with Lincoln's sculpted, memorialized head using the Washington Monument as a baseball bat on the White House lawn - apparently I envision the Hulk fighting aliens in our nations capitol.

I find this poll hilarious - both for its existence and its results. Way to go United Statesians. You made me laugh tonight.

World of Class Warfare

If you want to know what set me off, watch the first segment of the daily show, which I am pasting a link to...

How can human beings be so horrible?  As a poor person, I am outraged by the comments I witnessed while watching this segment on the Daily Show.  The deck is stacked.  The dice are loaded.  The game has been rigged by the rich since before this country was born.  They have the nerve to expect me to play the game and criticize me for not just what... dying???  Failing to survive???

I have become more compassionate and less angry lately, but watching this, which just reiterated and refreshed how I felt about the way rich people hoard money before, made me honestly want to say to every rich, arrogant piece of shit:  "Fuck you.  Just fuck you."

Transformers: Dark of the Soul

I watched Transformers 3. I was appalled that Leonard Nimoy would contribute to such a pigheadedly nationalistic propaganda film, especially one that promotes revenge and assassination as worthy solutions to crises, personal or otherwise.

Come on people, please tell me that at least one other person felt like this movie desecrated Optimus' ideals for a vindication of vengeance to make America/Britain feel better about all the killing we do in answer to our problems as a country.

Originally posted in reply to someone's post about Leonard Nimoy's performance in the movie, but I made it into a post because I felt like it succinctly described some of the things I want to say about this movie.


About Zoos and documentaries about animals, I find it kind of frustrating that when I want to go learn ABOUT an animal, I have to be subjected to at least a half the documentary's content being "And then they will all die because they are dying animals because of everything you as a human contribute to every day."  You know, I know that already.  I learned about it the last million times.  I wish there was a series of documentaries that just taught you facts about animals.  Like you could take a test to see if you qualified to watch the Message Free Documentaries.  The "I already got it" Series.  And then for everyone who doesn't pass the test, they can watch documentaries with the message about how horrible humans are, but they would be narrated by Ross from Friends.

I mean, every time I pick a documentary to watch I am always just waiting for them to guilt trip me about them.  You know, if you make people feel guilty with EVERY documentary, people will start avoiding documentaries and then they won't learn about animals at all!  Plus I already hate all human interactions with the environment and animals and I think we are all shitheads so I kind of already know about how bad things are with us and animals.

You know what people will watch instead of documentaries about animals if they start avoiding them?  They will watch those over-dramatacized documentaries about space or science with all the scientists filmed at weird angles with their arms crossed and a wooshing noise playing while their name is on the screen.  WOOOSH Dr. Steven Armscrossed of Nevada Coolguy Scienceversity.  Right after the crossed arms introduction they always have the new guy say something like "We really don't know how many near earth objects there are because it is very difficult to track them."  While he is saying this they cut away to a graphic of the earth being raped by a million asteroids impacting and covering the earth in fire.  Then the narrator will say something like "Just how many times will the earth be rock raped by the next ten years?  Scientists SAY they don't know.  But it will be maybe 50 times."

I wish documentaries were a little better than they are, with more intelligent information.


As I have attended and completed my Virginia Tech Orientation, I am supposedly now VT oriented or something.  That's cool.

My schedule for this Fall is absolutely stupidly too much, but that's ok, I can always drop classes.  When they explained that to us at Orientation, they should have at least spoken an asterisk, though, because there is a financial penalty if you don't drop in the first week, but you are allowed to drop classes for six weeks.  Clever girl.

So I am taking Analytical Chemistry (first thing in the morning, M, W, F), Organic Chemistry (after Analytical in the morning), Calculus 1205, the REAL calculus, apparently, (M, W, F after chemistry classes).

Then on Tuesdays I have analytical chemistry recitation in the afternoon.  On Thursdays I have an elective called Intro to Nanoscience which is actually something I am pretty excited about and I am using that to make myself go to the "Zip Line" class which is basically a study and time management strategy class for transfer students which I have AFTER nanoscience.

On Fridays at some point I have an analytical chemistry lab.

But at least we went to Zeppoli's after the orientation!

Sucker for Mars

Apparently I am a sucker for Mars, because I rented Red Faction Armageddon and even though most critics were not that impressed by it, I like it a lot.  I would definitely rate it higher than it received from most critics, around an 8.5.

I still liked Guerrilla a lot better, but I am a sucker for anti-corporate overlord rebellions on Mars too.

The Aquabats

I am finding the band, The Aquabats, to be infectiously pleasant and fun to listen to.  I am listening to High-Five Soup, their latest album, all of which is available on Youtube from Fearless Records.

Let me suggest you start with the first song on that album, Shark Fighter.

I listened to some of their other albums and I am really only liking the latest one.  The others are alright, but High Five Soup is amazing.

X-Men First Class

This is a movie you should not skip.  Seriously you will like it.  It is good.

I liked it a lot.  It was a tie for my favorite X-Men movie so far with the first X-Men movie.  Very cool.  Very well done.

That's all I have to say for now.  I hope more people pay to see this movie than the ones who paid to see X-Men Origins Wolverine.  That movie was not worth going to see.

America got its justice

Many Americans are happy about today's attacks and murders, but I am not.  I do not believe blood for blood is the answer.  I do not believe blood should be spilled in the first place, don't get me wrong, but more blood is not a tenable solution.  I mourn all the deaths.  I do not believe that today's death is any better or worse than the daily deaths caused by the war on terror, but I know that many people will hear about this death and many will celebrate it, not realizing that celebrating death and cheering on its conveyance are activities too dangerous to indulge in.