Hulk versus Aliens - poll shows faith in the incredible
You can make your own conclusions about this. Apparently people (Americans) think the Hulk is a better alien fighter than Batman OR Spider-man (Amazing though his current incarnation may be). I am not sure what this means about the US. Do we think that green against green will yield the best results? Do the respondents understand who/what the Hulk is? I mean, he's just as likely to kill aliens as he is to play baseball with Lincoln's sculpted, memorialized head using the Washington Monument as a baseball bat on the White House lawn - apparently I envision the Hulk fighting aliens in our nations capitol.

I find this poll hilarious - both for its existence and its results. Way to go United Statesians. You made me laugh tonight.

World of Class Warfare
If you want to know what set me off, watch the first segment of the daily show, which I am pasting a link to...

How can human beings be so horrible?  As a poor person, I am outraged by the comments I witnessed while watching this segment on the Daily Show.  The deck is stacked.  The dice are loaded.  The game has been rigged by the rich since before this country was born.  They have the nerve to expect me to play the game and criticize me for not just what... dying???  Failing to survive???

I have become more compassionate and less angry lately, but watching this, which just reiterated and refreshed how I felt about the way rich people hoard money before, made me honestly want to say to every rich, arrogant piece of shit:  "Fuck you.  Just fuck you."

Transformers: Dark of the Soul
I watched Transformers 3. I was appalled that Leonard Nimoy would contribute to such a pigheadedly nationalistic propaganda film, especially one that promotes revenge and assassination as worthy solutions to crises, personal or otherwise.

Come on people, please tell me that at least one other person felt like this movie desecrated Optimus' ideals for a vindication of vengeance to make America/Britain feel better about all the killing we do in answer to our problems as a country.

Originally posted in reply to someone's post about Leonard Nimoy's performance in the movie, but I made it into a post because I felt like it succinctly described some of the things I want to say about this movie.

About Zoos and documentaries about animals, I find it kind of frustrating that when I want to go learn ABOUT an animal, I have to be subjected to at least a half the documentary's content being "And then they will all die because they are dying animals because of everything you as a human contribute to every day."  You know, I know that already.  I learned about it the last million times.  I wish there was a series of documentaries that just taught you facts about animals.  Like you could take a test to see if you qualified to watch the Message Free Documentaries.  The "I already got it" Series.  And then for everyone who doesn't pass the test, they can watch documentaries with the message about how horrible humans are, but they would be narrated by Ross from Friends.

I mean, every time I pick a documentary to watch I am always just waiting for them to guilt trip me about them.  You know, if you make people feel guilty with EVERY documentary, people will start avoiding documentaries and then they won't learn about animals at all!  Plus I already hate all human interactions with the environment and animals and I think we are all shitheads so I kind of already know about how bad things are with us and animals.

You know what people will watch instead of documentaries about animals if they start avoiding them?  They will watch those over-dramatacized documentaries about space or science with all the scientists filmed at weird angles with their arms crossed and a wooshing noise playing while their name is on the screen.  WOOOSH Dr. Steven Armscrossed of Nevada Coolguy Scienceversity.  Right after the crossed arms introduction they always have the new guy say something like "We really don't know how many near earth objects there are because it is very difficult to track them."  While he is saying this they cut away to a graphic of the earth being raped by a million asteroids impacting and covering the earth in fire.  Then the narrator will say something like "Just how many times will the earth be rock raped by the next ten years?  Scientists SAY they don't know.  But it will be maybe 50 times."

I wish documentaries were a little better than they are, with more intelligent information.

As I have attended and completed my Virginia Tech Orientation, I am supposedly now VT oriented or something.  That's cool.

My schedule for this Fall is absolutely stupidly too much, but that's ok, I can always drop classes.  When they explained that to us at Orientation, they should have at least spoken an asterisk, though, because there is a financial penalty if you don't drop in the first week, but you are allowed to drop classes for six weeks.  Clever girl.

So I am taking Analytical Chemistry (first thing in the morning, M, W, F), Organic Chemistry (after Analytical in the morning), Calculus 1205, the REAL calculus, apparently, (M, W, F after chemistry classes).

Then on Tuesdays I have analytical chemistry recitation in the afternoon.  On Thursdays I have an elective called Intro to Nanoscience which is actually something I am pretty excited about and I am using that to make myself go to the "Zip Line" class which is basically a study and time management strategy class for transfer students which I have AFTER nanoscience.

On Fridays at some point I have an analytical chemistry lab.

But at least we went to Zeppoli's after the orientation!

Sucker for Mars
Apparently I am a sucker for Mars, because I rented Red Faction Armageddon and even though most critics were not that impressed by it, I like it a lot.  I would definitely rate it higher than it received from most critics, around an 8.5.

I still liked Guerrilla a lot better, but I am a sucker for anti-corporate overlord rebellions on Mars too.

The Aquabats
I am finding the band, The Aquabats, to be infectiously pleasant and fun to listen to.  I am listening to High-Five Soup, their latest album, all of which is available on Youtube from Fearless Records.

Let me suggest you start with the first song on that album, Shark Fighter.

I listened to some of their other albums and I am really only liking the latest one.  The others are alright, but High Five Soup is amazing.

X-Men First Class
This is a movie you should not skip.  Seriously you will like it.  It is good.

I liked it a lot.  It was a tie for my favorite X-Men movie so far with the first X-Men movie.  Very cool.  Very well done.

That's all I have to say for now.  I hope more people pay to see this movie than the ones who paid to see X-Men Origins Wolverine.  That movie was not worth going to see.

Writer's Block: Portal 17
Do you think video games will still be popular in 15 years? How do you think they'll change?

yes, they will simulate reality better

America got its justice
Many Americans are happy about today's attacks and murders, but I am not.  I do not believe blood for blood is the answer.  I do not believe blood should be spilled in the first place, don't get me wrong, but more blood is not a tenable solution.  I mourn all the deaths.  I do not believe that today's death is any better or worse than the daily deaths caused by the war on terror, but I know that many people will hear about this death and many will celebrate it, not realizing that celebrating death and cheering on its conveyance are activities too dangerous to indulge in.

Eagle Eye
So, being very up to date on movies, we finally watched Eagle Eye, which I remember coming out maybe a year ago.  That means it came out no less than 3 years ago, actually, since I seem to think that 2002 was two years ago.  Well, I really liked Eagle Eye, the movie.  I actually thought there was too much Hollywood computing going on, but other than that the plot was really pretty good and I really liked the characters, including Billy Bob Thornton's character.  Lisa and I both admit to actually liking Shia Lebuff a lot as an actor.  We both think he is incredibly talented.  I think you can tell by the way he plays his roles that he is actually pretty intelligent.  There is this one interrogation scene in the movie where I was really sucked into his character's predicament because of how realistically he was replying to the questions.  Also, I haven't seen a movie with him in it that I haven't liked his character, except maybe the newest Indiana Jones, though that was just a badly done movie in general.  I think he tried hard to do his best.  Anyways, so yeah we liked the movie.

The other night we tried to watch Reversible Errors and Milk and we had to turn both of them off within 10 minutes because we just didn't enjoy them at all.  Well, that's not fair to Reversible Errors.  We tried to watch that after Milk and we realized it was made for TV and totally did not feel like watching a non-movie movie at the time.  It might be a good movie.  It is actually a mini-series.  We did not like Milk.  We both did not like Sean Penn's portrayal of Harvey Milk.  We felt guilty about not liking it.  I think we both wanted to, but we just didn't want to keep watching it.

Lisa's mom leaves for Hunting Island in three days!  On Easter Sunday!  That's really fast.  Lisa and I get weirded out by how quiet the house is while she is gone.

We watched The Beach on Netflix instant watch last night.  It was as good as I remembered, which is pretty good and really haunting.

I don't want to spoil the game for Lisa, but I downloaded the DLC for Enslaved.  I don't think I have ever downloaded an expansion pack for an action/adventure game, and the one they have for it seemed like it might be eh, but I read reviews of it and I really came to like the character through the course of the original game, so I bought it.  I like it so far.  It's got cuteness and charm to it that I was hoping it would have.  I really did not like the character in it when he first showed up in the game, but I do now.  I don't want to tell Lisa about it because she hasn't got that far in the game yet.

Well, it is time to make waffles and sausages and watch some X-Men, because Wolverine is in it.

Saying Hi
I'm officially back on the WoW train.  I went to get on the train (getting on the train means paying the subscription fee for a month or more, in my opinion) but they offered me seven complimentary days, so I did that first and I still feel like playing.  My goals in the game have been revised yet again and now my job is to get a character to level 85 before I play any other character, and when I get the first character to 85, to start on the next character and NOT STOP until THEY are level 85.  I have NEVER had a character at the level cap when a new expansion has come out and I really want to do that this time.  Also, I feel like I have a lot of time before the next expansion comes out to actually try to get to heroic dungeons and maybe even try a raid.  I've never done a raid instance in WoW!

Ok, enough WoW talk for now.  I have been at the library while Lisa is working and I have been reading Spectroscopy: The Key to the Stars most of the evening.  I really like it because it is a science textbook but it is written more practically, so you aren't just handed contextually absent minded facts one after another and asked to make your own conclusions, which I really don't mind, actually, but I do find having a grand thesis to the book useful.  I guess my Chemistry book's thesis is "Learn Chemistry" but hopefully you know what I mean here.  The other cool thing is that this book successfully satisfies my desire to learn about chemistry, physics, astronomy and other neat things all in one book.

Other things... I tried Lego Star Wars III and I really liked it.  I definitely wouldn't like playing it alone, so I am happy Lisa likes it too.  I hope we can play some more of that tonight before we send it back to Gamefly.  I definitely think it represents a cool evolution to... lady talking to me....

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West
I don't know WHY I tried this game.  I had no idea what it would be about, but when I started my free trial of Gamefly this week I picked Enslaved as one of the first games to try.

I am SO glad I did.  I feel like ANYONE could enjoy most elements of this game.  I just finished it after playing it all last night, part of today and a few hours tonight.  I feel like I just watched and participated in making a really awesome movie and also like I got to play a video game about it at the same time.

I highly recommend you try this game.  Just play through the first 2 chapters to see if you like it.  It's only $17.99 used at Gamestop right now.

Wow.  I don't want to give away the story or anything, but the main reason to play is just to feel like you are watching these two characters deal with horrible situations while they get to know each other.

Anyways.  I can't even really explain how cool I thought this game was.  By the way, if you like Andy Serkis, he plays character in the game and he co-directed the cutscenes, which makes him really cool.

So I was complaining to Lisa, yet again, about how awful my current chemistry class is and whining about the situation to her.  I basically was saying it was so bad I didn't want to do it, at all.  Not school, I mean, but the class.  As in, I would rather fail the class to preserve my desire to continue studying science than force myself to study and do well in this particular class.  Now, it's not that I have a problem with SCHOOL, or institutional learning... actually I do have a problem with that, but not such a problem that I can't do well... take my recent A in precalculus for example... but I do have a problem with BAD versions of those things... exemplified, currently, by my bizarrely inane chemistry class at NRCC.  The most bizarre part is how awful it makes me feel to participate in the class.  It's like it feels toxic to think in any kind of pattern similar to what the teacher has assigned... or at least I imagine it is.  I thought it was too hard for me, actually, and that because the lectures weren't good I was upset because I felt like I couldn't do well.

 Well, back in the car again, where I started this post, I was talking to Lisa about this, YET AGAIN, and wondering how to make it through this class.  I was finally saying I would just take a bad grade in this class if I couldn't make myself do it the way they wanted and then retake it and appeal my admission to VT, when I came across a thought that then evoked a good feeling about the class... finally!

I decided that I am BORED.  That's the emotion that is prevalent.  I don't like lingering on stuff that no one cares to elaborate in some way, so I am BORED.  We read a chapter and get a half assed lecture, then we get an amazingly difficult set of quizzes and a test after a couple of chapters.  No homework.. one class a week.  It's just terrible.  Yet, despite doing BADLY on these tests, I finally realized that I am so much quicker minded than the pace of the information dissemination that to resume enjoying the material I need to read the book straight through as fast as possible.  Only then will I enjoy ANY part of this class.  Since my main problem has been that I haven't enjoyed listening to the lectures, for lots of reasons, but mostly because they don't engage me, and another problem has been that the book will do these stupidly out of context info shout outs that require knowledge it has not attempted to parlay to us yet... that the solution has always been to recontextualize the whole fucking affair... all of the material at once.  Just read through the whole book.... not only that... but skip the shit that doesn't make any fucking sense yet!  Then go back and read it later when it does!

I don't think this solution would work for most people, but as soon as I thought of it my mood improved dramatically and I could actually fathom opening my Chemistry book again, for fun!  To satisfy my curiosity!

Anyways... what is the preliminary result, I hear you all wishing you weren't wondering... well... I have been reading the book for about 2 hours and 30 min now with 2 brief 5-10 min breaks and so far, knock on wood, I've enjoyed it and want to keep going.

The best part is that I know no matter what I did I would not have gotten a better grade on the tests and quizzes than I will despite my new plan... but shit, at least I like the material again!

Feeling off
I am feeling physically off today, as in not well and strange.  I feel tired, yet not tired, but almost like you might feel right before you get the flu.  I have a bit of an infection going in one of my upper molars, so maybe I feel tired and light headed because of that, or maybe it's because I totally messed with my sleep schedule because for the two nights before last night I went to bed around 5am but last night I went to bed around 12am. I got up around 8:15am today, too.

I have a chemistry test on Monday night.  I have to study three chapters of material.  I am just going to list things because I don't feel well right now.  I am at the library where Lisa is working right now.  I listened to Rage Against the Machine on the way here and despite wanting to listen to them recently, I did not entirely enjoy it.  Mostly did not.  Lisa and I have been watching the Exosquad, on Hulu, which is a cartoon from the 90s with a pretty coherent sci-fi story.  The episodes are actually serial in nature, as opposed to standalone plotlines.  We've been trying to watch "darker fare" lately, because we feel like it adds contrast to an otherwise cheery entertainment lineup (like sitcoms and the daily show) but also because it brings clarity to drama in a way that less serious things can't.  An example, don't laugh at us, is watching episodes of the X-Files.  We are going to watch Apocalypse Now soon, as an other example.  Apocalypse Now was so dark that Martin Sheen had a heart attack while filming it!  I read that somewhere recently.  We recently watched Valkyrie, with Tom Cruise, based on a true story about the German Resistance against Hitler.  I would recommend that movie.  I recently re-watched while Lisa watched for the first time Enemy At the Gates.  That movie is NOT as good as I remembered!  It has a lot of storytelling problems and questionable continuity.  But it still has spectacular SCENES.  Especially the fighting scenes.  But as Lisa and I were commenting to ourselves, SCENES need to be justified by STORY.  Enemy At the Gates has story, but it is too faint and not dramatic enough.  I have heard that Sucker Punch is not worth even looking at, rentally, but that Source Code, directed by the director of Moon and also David Bowie's son, is good.  Moon is good.  If you haven't seen Moon, see Moon.

This lady to my left is unhappily doing something with MS Excel.  You can tell by the way she smacks her laptop's trackpad buttons.

Oh Babby

It's always fun to watch this!

Bizarre and Never Explained
BANE.  What a great acronym for such a phenomenon.  Not really a phenomenon, just sloppy story editing and directing.

So we went to see Hanna, which from the reviews and the trailer looked like it was going to be really cool.  I even thought it would have an excellent plot.  A lot of the MOVIE was very good.  There were excellently FILMED and CHOREOGRAPHED moments.  However, there were way toooooo many moments that were BANE.  Like the father leaving the cabin, which is near the arctic circle and covered in ice and snow, in a fancy suit in the middle of the night.  As I was watching the movie I suspended disbelief.  Lots of amazing movies have really weird things happen that later turn out to be cool, interesting, or at least more logical than they originally appeared within the context of the whole movie.  BANE means they are NOT cool, NOT interesting, and NOT logical in the context of the whole movie.  This movie was filled with shit like that.  I think we need a BANE rating on every movie.  Out of ten, ten being the most things that are weird enough to detract from your enjoyment of the film when they are not adequately explained, this movie gets a BANE rating of 7.  I really liked it until I was sure it was not going to explain many of the things that had happened that I thought were going to have really cool reasons for having happened.

I think I called it a limp penis of a movie as we drove home.  That's pretty gross, but as I explained, it had potential to impress but it just stayed soft.  Not that penises impress me, I was thinking from a female perspective.  I mean, it's not like a soft nipple would have worked as well as a metaphor.  But you know if that works for you, that's what I meant.  This post is now kind of weird.

Too. Much. LOTRO. Spring. Festival.
I have been playing LOTRO, specifically the stomp-a-shrew Spring Festival event for about 4 hours in a row now.

I was grinding for spring leaves to barter for things I wanted to get Lisa.  In fact, when I had enough to get her the Springtime Pony I woke her up around 2:00am to ask her to pick which pony she wanted, since there was a choice.  She was happy... but I was not.  I decided she should have some more unique Springtime quests since LOTRO is definitely her favorite MMO and one of her favorite video games.  I didn't want her to miss out on the Spring festival.  She had to work the last two days of the festival and she didn't realize it was ending on Monday.

Anyways... I completed a cool deed for her and got her a new item which is in her last bag and a consumable item that I don't understand.  It is called D.R.A.G.O.N.

I feel like there should be more to show for the last 4 hours, but I am finally satisfied that with my LOTRO Lisa Spring Festival gifts now.

Good night!

I feel better
Lisa talked to me and she helped me feel better about myself and I am not mad anymore.  It's safe to come out!

I am in a pretty lousy mood right now.  I feel pretty angry but without any real target or reason.  I'm just utterly pissed off.  Undoubtedly something has activated my internal rage, maybe something unconscious.  I'm just generally angry at everyone and everything right now.  It feels totally justified and I am fine with it.

I have a feeling I am hurting people's feelings around me but I don't care at the moment.  Maybe I will in a while.  Who knows.

Alright fuck this I can't type anymore.  Great post.  Good shit.

Temporarily on Assignment in Telara
Emily, lest I commit the crime of realm disparity, what realm do you dwell within amongst the rifts?

I happened to start a character, for experimentation purposes, on Wolfsbane, the highest population PvE server listed.  His name is Gildan and he is a defiant fauxfox dude.  He is level 3 so I will gladly abandon his plight for another character, unless your character is of sufficiently high enough level to render that option pointedly moot.

Also, do you know how long the ally key gives me to play?  I did not look hard for the answer, but it was not handed to me on a plate by the game, either, so I do not yet know.

I made a mage and went with the stormcaller and elementalist souls during the starter quests.

The game, so far, is a flagrant homage to all that is WoWcraft.  Because of that, learning the controls is unnecessary, but the overfamiliarity of the interface also reduces the immediate sense of wonder.  Another wonder reducer is the fact that I haven't switched from the "low end rendering" to the high end yet.  I was playing before I had to study at the library and I wanted to see how smooth the performance could be with the low end renderer, which was very smooth.  It still looks more intricate than WoW, though.  I definitely like the character models the most of all the art in the game I have so far experienced, both player character and NPC are pretty impressive and differentiated from one another.

The one part of the game that did not impress me, though I blame my aforementioned graphics timidity, were the spell effects.  I know it's early in the game and I don't expect the most impressive looking spells immediately, but at my current graphic settings they looked pretty tame.  I am going to experiment with the high end rendering when I play later today.  If I play later today.  I have a lot to study and we have a book club meeting tonight.

All in all, though, I was very impressed with the apparent polish and even love the developers put into the game, even if one of the thoughts that went through my head pertained to their marketing slogan being ironically incorrect.  I thought, often, that it was more of a mantra that needed to be repeated in your head so that you weren't lulled into thinking that, indeed, you WERE still in Azeroth.

Still, I think on a technical level the game exceed's WoW's everything, from character art, so far, to UI.  Pretty slick looking game and, as you said before, Emily, the engine does a great job and runs the game very smoothly, especially as compared to LOTRO.

That's my "30 minutes of playtime" review, so far.  I started downloading it last night and activated it today in anticipation of playing it after my precalculus final, to celebrate.  So I will definitely be playing it more.  Unless I only have 48 hours or something... ugh.

Oh, also, I am intrigued by the defiant/guardian conflict in regards to Regulus, the cool looking bad guy dude.  That's my current story review.  The story seems interesting at least.  I also like the defiant side starting in the future.  I haven't traveled to the past yet, but they have spilled the beans on that secret already in the game.  So the starting zone storyline is cool, too.  I'm excited to see old Telara as opposed to "Condensed Despair" Telara.

(no subject)
So I JUST got up and its 11:30am already!  Time to do some fun things.  Today I am going to study chemistry, work on my music appreciation class, and play LOTRO.  I am also going to go running, maybe, tonight.

Lisa works from 4-8pm tonight, so I will be at the library during that time.

Look, I found a picture of Chloe the winding!

Posting Day
Hey everyone.  Today I took my last math test in Pre-Calculus and only missed one question.  I think it is only going to be considered partially wrong, too, so I should get close to a hundred percent on the test.

Lisa got one of her birthday presents early today... a brand new (from Best Buy) HP Mini Netbook!  It's got a pink and silver design and I am very happy we were able to get it.  We used some of the money left over from my school loans from this semester.

We spent about 2 hours at Panera waiting for updates to install before she could write on it.  Finally we decided she would write with it while it was downloading updates, but Panera had already closed 15 minutes before that and they hadn't told us.  We noticed everyone was leaving and Lisa asked what time they closed and they said 9pm, but it was 9:15pm already.

So now we are home and Lisa is getting to write with her new computer in one of our two read/write chairs, which are what I am now calling our two armchairs in our "playroom".  We have a bedroom and a "playroom" where we keep all the legos, various toys, our read/write chairs, our desks and our desktop computers.  We also usually share that room with our cats, Momo, Gossamer, and the inevitable Chloe.  Whenever I refer to Chloe from now on I am going to pick a strange adjective to use to describe her.  Like insatiable Chloe.  Or apropos Chloe.  Right now, Momo is licking her butt, but just near her tail, not gross.  Momo is obsessed with her butt, though.  She rubs it on EVERYTHING.  Especially the carpet!  Lately, Gossamer has taken to puking in whatever she currently is using, like her box bed (a box from an Amazon order that she has claimed and lies in constantly under the window) and her water dish.  Well, it was actually everybody's water dish (not ours) but she puked in it anyway.  Bleh!  We need to brush her because she has a lot of hair and I think she is shedding whatever percent of it she grew out for winter.

Ok.. that's my update for today!  Oh, and Lisa is writing again, which is awesome.

Cleaning our rooms
Today I am cleaning our rooms and talking to Daniel on the phone about Chemistry!

Ass chair ass
I don't know what the title of this post means, but the chair I am using at my desk right now is ass.  We need to get a better second chair.  Right now, Lisa and I trade the good chair back and forth when one of us can't stand it anymore.  Guess who can't stand it anymore right now???? hehehe

Ok... so I got up around 4am today because... I don't know why.  I was just very awake and I could not go back to sleep.  This morning I have math class from 10am-12pm but Lisa has a library staff meeting at the Blacksburg Library from 8am-12pm, so she has more to do today.  They are going to make her dancersize!!!  Seriously, it's fucked up crazy, but they are.  I will let her decide to explain further if she wants to.

So what did I do with myself this morning for three hours?  I played LOTROROTR!   I made a new character last night but I didn't log in as him... his name is Ardgir and he is a human hunter.  I was nervous about playing as another character because I don't want to "re-do" anything in the game that Blondo has already done.  Well, since Blondo has mostly done stuff in the Shire, and he has different professions (I made Ardgir an explorer to support Lisa and my main characters' professions... he can mine, woodcut, and tailor of which tailoring makes me most excited.  I already had the chance to make a stupid hat and chose not to and that was exciting!).  I don't know why that last sentence needed to be parenthetical, but it did and don't question it to my face.

So I got Ardgir to level 8 and he is basically a Boromir clone, the way he looks I mean.  I think all the men character models seem to be Boromir and or his genetic relations.  But I think he's cool.  Obviously I played as him for three hours!  I think the main thing that kept me playing (I actually intended to play for an hour and then watch two hours of Exosquad (cartoon show from the 90s that is awesome) on Hulu, but Ardgir kept me rapt!

Now I hear Lisa's alarm going off so I am going to go harass her.  ; )  I am also needing another coffee!

To my ears
So I managed to catch up on about two weeks of missed assignments and my mid-term exam in my music appreciation class in 3.5 hours at the library while Lisa was working tonight.  I'm pretty burnt out as a result, but it feels good to be caught up on my assignments.  I got an 87% on my mid-term exam, and I wasn't trying very hard, so I am pretty happy with that.

Lisa got me a book called Raptor Red by a famous paleontologist named Robert T. Bakker.  He was referenced in Jurassic Park the movie.  Lisa read the book when she was younger and she thought I would enjoy it.  I am excited about trying it because the cover looks really cool and I think she said it was from the point of view of a raptor!  It's fiction, in case you didn't guess that yet.

Tonight we want to play LOTRO when we get home, so that should be fun.  There are 3,640 quests for the Barrow Downs in LOTRO and we have only done about 15, so we will probably not be going to bed on time.  I'm exaggerating, of course, but seriously there are a lot of quests for the Barrow Downs!  It wouldn't be so weird except that most other areas have had a lot less quests to do in them.

I love my new moon/earth/space/stars shirt that Lisa got me.  I will post a picture of it soon because it is way cooler than you probably believe it is.

Ok, the library is closing in 20 minutes, so that's enough for now!

Good morningtown USA
Hey everyone.  So this morning we did yoga and our legs are really tired from running, but doing yoga really helped make that more manageable.  When I used to run in Florida I didn't do yoga or anything like it and it took longer for my legs to feel as good as they do now after I would run, so that's hopeful.

Lisa and I just watched "The Care Bear Movie" from 1985 as it was one of my favorite kids' movies when I was a kid and it was actually pretty good compared to some of the movies and shows we have watched due to nostalgia lately.  I think Lisa enjoyed it.  She wasn't a fan of the Care Bears shows or movies when she was younger but she wanted to see something with the Care Bears today and I picked my favorite Care Bear memory to show her.

Other than the Care Bears, all we did so far was have some breakfast and do yoga.  Lisa goes to work today from 4pm-8pm.  I am going to catch up on my homework for my music class.  I missed the suggested date for the mid-term exam... lol.

Working on a mystery
Well we went running again tonight after watching Avatar at Lisa's dad house.  We finished the first season of Avatar and they really liked it!  His wife won't be able to keep watching it with us for a few months, though, because she is leaving to do a renaissance fair (I spelled renaissance right the first time!!!!) where she runs a shop.  So we are probably going to start the second season with just her Dad and his wife will get it on Netflix while she is away.

Running went really well.  Tonight was #2 in our 2 night pattern of 2 nights running, 1 night off in between, then 2 nights running again.  This is the second night we have run together and I think it went even better.  We were both a lot more tired after we ran, but I think we were able to run farther than the first night.  Tomorrow night we have a break, then we run again two nights in a row.  If I haven't made our running schedule absolutely clear at this point, you are not paying attention.  Haha.

Ok, time to get ready for bed.

Help, I Need Somebody
So Lisa and I worked on learning chapter 19 of my chemistry book together last night.  She was really awesome and stuck it out the WHOLE time I was willing to study.  We studied until almost 11pm!  So from about 6:30pm-11pm we learned about electrochemistry.  I thought it was really fun and it really helped me get to work on my Chemistry studying.  I have a hard time getting started because it is so hard to go through the material silently sometimes that I procrastinate until later in the week.  I haven't started studying a chapter by Tuesday for a long time!

In other school related news, my music professor sent me an e-mail before Spring Break explaining that my participation in online discussion forum assignments was good, but she "didn't know how to convince me" or some similar comment that I need to do the rest of the assignments.  This was an e-mail  that was meant for a different student, which I suspected and then found out for sure when I e-mailed her about it.  So here we are, about two weeks later... and I am completely behind on my assignments... including my mid-term exam!!!  hahaha... it's ok, I will be able to catch up... I just thought that was ironic.

Ok, I have a lot more to say but I will post more later.  I have to eat breakfast and go to math class and Lisa is coming with me to the mall while I am in class!

Ok, here is the rest of the entry... I am at the college now and I am waiting for class to start.

So, I just want to say that even though Lisa is working on Chemistry with me, Daniel, I'll still need your help.  You haven't been replaced, you just got an extra student!  As to how much chemistry Lisa wants to learn, she isn't sure yet, but she is learning about electrochemistry with me!

Yesterday evening we started running.  Yes, running.  I used to run when I lived in Florida and Lisa thought it would be good to try doing that together regularly and I agreed.  It was hard, but it will get better.  I had a lot of fun running with Lisa.

Tonight we are headed over to watch some Avatar (earthbending style) and hopefully play Settlers of Catan with Lisa's dad tonight.  Before we do that, though, Lisa and I are going shopping for work clothes for her.  Specifically work pants because the library is REALLY hot, especially now that the weather is warming up.  I am hot sitting there studying so if I had to run around and do work, I would pass out.

More later... class is starting.


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