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As I have attended and completed my Virginia Tech Orientation, I am supposedly now VT oriented or something.  That's cool.

My schedule for this Fall is absolutely stupidly too much, but that's ok, I can always drop classes.  When they explained that to us at Orientation, they should have at least spoken an asterisk, though, because there is a financial penalty if you don't drop in the first week, but you are allowed to drop classes for six weeks.  Clever girl.

So I am taking Analytical Chemistry (first thing in the morning, M, W, F), Organic Chemistry (after Analytical in the morning), Calculus 1205, the REAL calculus, apparently, (M, W, F after chemistry classes).

Then on Tuesdays I have analytical chemistry recitation in the afternoon.  On Thursdays I have an elective called Intro to Nanoscience which is actually something I am pretty excited about and I am using that to make myself go to the "Zip Line" class which is basically a study and time management strategy class for transfer students which I have AFTER nanoscience.

On Fridays at some point I have an analytical chemistry lab.

But at least we went to Zeppoli's after the orientation!

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Hey, thanks! I think we want to come over and see you guys, preferably before you move to San Francisco! You know, at least once before then, lol.

So it didn't go as badly as you thought it might, right? That is so cool. It sounds like such a technical workload. Major brain exercise.

What is recitation as it applies to analytical chemistry? It sounds like people just standing around repeating chemical formulas or something. And Zip Line is such a hilarious name.



Zip Line is hilariously named.

The recitation is actually just a small version of the class where a teaching assistant who is usually a grad student reviews the information that you went over in class the week before. It's just a review class to fill in the holes from the large lecture class, I guess.

Thanks for the congratulations. How is work going?

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