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Eagle Eye
So, being very up to date on movies, we finally watched Eagle Eye, which I remember coming out maybe a year ago.  That means it came out no less than 3 years ago, actually, since I seem to think that 2002 was two years ago.  Well, I really liked Eagle Eye, the movie.  I actually thought there was too much Hollywood computing going on, but other than that the plot was really pretty good and I really liked the characters, including Billy Bob Thornton's character.  Lisa and I both admit to actually liking Shia Lebuff a lot as an actor.  We both think he is incredibly talented.  I think you can tell by the way he plays his roles that he is actually pretty intelligent.  There is this one interrogation scene in the movie where I was really sucked into his character's predicament because of how realistically he was replying to the questions.  Also, I haven't seen a movie with him in it that I haven't liked his character, except maybe the newest Indiana Jones, though that was just a badly done movie in general.  I think he tried hard to do his best.  Anyways, so yeah we liked the movie.

The other night we tried to watch Reversible Errors and Milk and we had to turn both of them off within 10 minutes because we just didn't enjoy them at all.  Well, that's not fair to Reversible Errors.  We tried to watch that after Milk and we realized it was made for TV and totally did not feel like watching a non-movie movie at the time.  It might be a good movie.  It is actually a mini-series.  We did not like Milk.  We both did not like Sean Penn's portrayal of Harvey Milk.  We felt guilty about not liking it.  I think we both wanted to, but we just didn't want to keep watching it.

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Different strokes, for Different Folks

So no offense or anything, but OMG you have no idea how much John and I hated Eagle Eye. I consider it easily one of the stupidest movies ever. We own it for some reason. Did you know Julianne Moore is the voice of the robot lady? Did you also know that it is an uncredited role? Wonder why that is.... I have yet to see Shia LeBeauf in a role that I thought he showed any sign of talent. However I do highly recommend you watch Constantine (w/Keanu Reeves)...I enjoy what happens with his character. Other fun fact about eagle eye: As you well know Vic is in it, but did you also notice that the guy who plays Assistance Chief Phillips is also in it? I don't even think he has any spoken dialogue, but it is funny all the same.

I have never seen Milk, mostly because I am so utterly repulsed by Sean Penn. And I'm not too interested in the plot either. Like most gay men, I don't like movies about gay men unless they are attractive gay men.

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