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Saying Hi
I'm officially back on the WoW train.  I went to get on the train (getting on the train means paying the subscription fee for a month or more, in my opinion) but they offered me seven complimentary days, so I did that first and I still feel like playing.  My goals in the game have been revised yet again and now my job is to get a character to level 85 before I play any other character, and when I get the first character to 85, to start on the next character and NOT STOP until THEY are level 85.  I have NEVER had a character at the level cap when a new expansion has come out and I really want to do that this time.  Also, I feel like I have a lot of time before the next expansion comes out to actually try to get to heroic dungeons and maybe even try a raid.  I've never done a raid instance in WoW!

Ok, enough WoW talk for now.  I have been at the library while Lisa is working and I have been reading Spectroscopy: The Key to the Stars most of the evening.  I really like it because it is a science textbook but it is written more practically, so you aren't just handed contextually absent minded facts one after another and asked to make your own conclusions, which I really don't mind, actually, but I do find having a grand thesis to the book useful.  I guess my Chemistry book's thesis is "Learn Chemistry" but hopefully you know what I mean here.  The other cool thing is that this book successfully satisfies my desire to learn about chemistry, physics, astronomy and other neat things all in one book.

Other things... I tried Lego Star Wars III and I really liked it.  I definitely wouldn't like playing it alone, so I am happy Lisa likes it too.  I hope we can play some more of that tonight before we send it back to Gamefly.  I definitely think it represents a cool evolution to... lady talking to me....

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Spectroscopy sounds cool. All of my law textbooks have pretty much the same thesis: this is how things are and some about why; is it how they should be?

Also, what a hilarious way to end a post.

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