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Posting Day
Hey everyone.  Today I took my last math test in Pre-Calculus and only missed one question.  I think it is only going to be considered partially wrong, too, so I should get close to a hundred percent on the test.

Lisa got one of her birthday presents early today... a brand new (from Best Buy) HP Mini Netbook!  It's got a pink and silver design and I am very happy we were able to get it.  We used some of the money left over from my school loans from this semester.

We spent about 2 hours at Panera waiting for updates to install before she could write on it.  Finally we decided she would write with it while it was downloading updates, but Panera had already closed 15 minutes before that and they hadn't told us.  We noticed everyone was leaving and Lisa asked what time they closed and they said 9pm, but it was 9:15pm already.

So now we are home and Lisa is getting to write with her new computer in one of our two read/write chairs, which are what I am now calling our two armchairs in our "playroom".  We have a bedroom and a "playroom" where we keep all the legos, various toys, our read/write chairs, our desks and our desktop computers.  We also usually share that room with our cats, Momo, Gossamer, and the inevitable Chloe.  Whenever I refer to Chloe from now on I am going to pick a strange adjective to use to describe her.  Like insatiable Chloe.  Or apropos Chloe.  Right now, Momo is licking her butt, but just near her tail, not gross.  Momo is obsessed with her butt, though.  She rubs it on EVERYTHING.  Especially the carpet!  Lately, Gossamer has taken to puking in whatever she currently is using, like her box bed (a box from an Amazon order that she has claimed and lies in constantly under the window) and her water dish.  Well, it was actually everybody's water dish (not ours) but she puked in it anyway.  Bleh!  We need to brush her because she has a lot of hair and I think she is shedding whatever percent of it she grew out for winter.

Ok.. that's my update for today!  Oh, and Lisa is writing again, which is awesome.

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(Deleted comment)
I thought of a new adjective today: Rapacious! It means excessively greedy or preying on things.

That's probably too appropriate for a cat, but not for a ferret!

The Rapacious Felix!

I think maybe we've been playing too much (or too little) LOTRO lately... you know, because of the titles

(Deleted comment)
Hey! Blondo is the pie eating champion of Middle Earth.... He has the title and everything... I'm starting to think that pie eating contest wasn't approved by the Gandalf Authority...

Oh and Felix is very fatigable.

(Deleted comment)
Is she a vocal cat? I don't remember her making any sounds atall!

Lily the Gallant, Felix the Imbued!

This is a cool game... it's like titles in LOTRO, right? Let me think of some weird ones. Also, some work better placed after the name. Chloe the frequent. If you had a kitten, you could use inchoate. Ivan the seasoned. The dispositive Ivan.

Ooh legal adjectives are funny (to me). The alleged Chloe. Ivan the tortious. Ex ante Ivan or ex post Ivan. (Not like ex post his life, though!) Ivan non conveniens. Ivan ad coelum. The inviolate Chloe. The inalienable Chloe. Chloe the unassailable. The irrebuttable Chloe. Ivan the libelous. Chloe the germane.

Yeah, I've gone on long enough. I have to go to class. But hey, do you guys want to play LOTRO from 5-9PM on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

My favorites of the ones you made up are The inviolate Chloe and Ivan the libelous. Ivan the Libelous is hilarious.

Momo the Dandy, Gossamer the Wretched, Chloe the Tasteful!

Ivan the Participant!

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